Help needed to find correct machine power setting


30 Jul 2009
Hi, I'm completely new to tattooing and done afew peices on practice skin and fruit and finding it ok , the only problem is I don't know what sound I should be listening for to set the power correct.

I have put it to minimum then turn it up snd it starts to lightly hum at around 6v,Am I right to continue upping the volts till it has more of a clacking noise so as to make the machine do a full stroke ,This is around 8,5v. I have put pressure on the armature like it says in course files but question is ,how much pressure?
Thanks in advance

Lucy Locket

22 Mar 2009
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Hi Tugg,

A very slight pressure with the thumb will slow the machine, BUT will not stop the machine puncturing the skin. The hum sounds better than clacking sound!

When using practice skin, use a 5 or 7 RL and practice outlining at different volts and setups. Move your hand slowly, and see the different lines it produces. Unfortunately, ALL machines and power supplies run differently, so i cannot give exact readings and setup info.


30 Jul 2009
Hi , I've noticed when I turn the power down below 7 so it just lightly hums the needle doesn't protrude as much,ie not the full 2mm I set the needle at, so should I just turn the machine up a little more so its making a full stroke and makes a more pronounced rattle probably where the armature is slapping on the coils, would this be right?

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