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11 Jan 2011
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im buying a autoclave just a few questions the [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 YEAR VALIDATION / CERTIFICATION wats this suppose to look like, is the suppose to have business addresss on who did the validation, and is it a proper certificate or just typed out , bit cinfused with this, should the machine have any stickers on sayin its been validated thanks


16 Dec 2010
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im not 100% on this butttttt,(depends on manufacturer and maintance company) the cert will atleast be cleary writen as or or headed "cert of ,,,,,,,," and the maintance records are just that, could be jus recipts of work carried out or service from a company to the regulations set by your local council all kept in a file ;) i think this is correct or its atleast these my understandings an also anotha 1 of my understanding the autoclave pouches have indicators on them that indicate a correct full cycle and optimum conditions have been achived to sterilize enviroment
please any1 feel free to correct myself if im wrong in order for me to correct myself accordinly;) bless

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