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27 Sep 2019
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After my first few pieces that I've posted here I stepped back and have been practicing day and night. Here are some of my recent pieces since I've gotten in on a great apprenticeship.

This is a piece I did on my own thigh, It's not finished but, I feel like it's a great start. The lining is Shotty due to my machine I was running. I since have upgraded to a bishop.

View attachment 25137

This is one I did on my sister as a christmas present.

View attachment 25138

Here's the first session on a realism calf piece.

View attachment 25139

This one is an unfinished thigh piece, She tapped out due to pain tolerance. "Picture was taken after she had gotten home"

View attachment 25140

This on is on my wife, I was tested some shading Techniques. I didn't use a liner at all in this one. *can't wait to finish it*

View attachment 25141

Any Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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5 Sep 2018
Tunbridge Wells
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hello :) today I feel like I will have my try to comment on this what you produced so far, and will not be easy, plus I have some questions, by any mean I dont want you discourage or anything, want to help. I Just comment on issues I see.
-did you drew these designs?
-where and how long do you aprrentice ?
-does some other artist watch you when you did those pieces?
ok... so they all look sketchy, the best attempt I think you had on yours wife's tight, you can do something nice once you will have 2nd session, why you didnt use liner if may I ask?
Elephant design is soo bad, wtf happen to these flowers?
insides of them looks too busy hard to read, it should be clear pleasant image, so many lines do not meet, really they need attention. ok off to go for a next one
3 animals piece on calf, actually this one due to picture quality doesn't look so bad, is this one finished piece? will hold up from comments on that one.
ok your sisters christmas gift, I actually like the design as it has potential, but! blacks looks patchy, different lightweights, sketchy sketchy shading on the whole body, hair and horns shape dosn't make sense at all.
last but not least, your own tat- being honest like 100% this looks worst that first you posted here, like all these nights and days of practice were like fuck it we're gone! ok the face of the girl itself is not shaded so horribly you could get away with it if that will be just face, but isn't. the desing is just too busy, no depth, lack of black, no contrast, and the SCALES? like what did happen to them ? I guess upside down position and tattooing yourself didnt help...long story short slow down, I wish to see smaller simpler design made by you and executed 100% perfect. Also try reelskin mate.


8 Oct 2011
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i'll just say there are good things & bad & DZ hits a lot of good points.

after that - your taking on too large & complicated of pieces. there is a reason tattoo apprentices in reputable apprenticeships are only allowed to do small flash bits at the beginning.

in my own work... large, artistic pieces are not nearly as good as my small (golf ball to baseball sized) pieces.

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