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25 Sep 2010
Stockport UK
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Jay Kane
I am 33 years old and have always been into tattooing and tattoos, but I have never had the opportunity to go for it. I have had help from a couple of tattoo artists when I have been getting tattoo'd but they live in a different country.

But it's nice to see a forum that welcomes newbies instead of hating us! A lot of tattoo artists just call us scratchers and it really gets to me because not all of us can leave full time work and pay to get an apprenticeship.

Well that's my moan over.



30 Dec 2009
n ire
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shea thomas
hey, moan all you want is what i say. tattoo industry is far too closed and stuffy. at the end of the day, if tattoo world wasnt so closed off then we wouldnt have so called scratchers. my god i can walk into wny college and learn how to do hairor nails and shit but if i want to tattoo i have to go beg some arrogant asshole who is worried that i might want to steal his business. tattoing has become a big industry with plenty off work to go around. if there was proper training to facilitate people who want to learn then it would only grow stronger.


20 Sep 2010
I know what you guys are saying I've been drawing since a kid and I'm attending an art institute. I just started getting tattoos about two years ago and I live in a small town here in S.C tattoos just became legal two years ago . I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to do it myself but since it just became legal and most of the tattooist came from A.T.L and found a cash cow here they deffinitly don't want me taking there clientell. So landing an apprenticeship will be hard for me and has been hard, so if you guys know some secret skills to this art form can ya show some love in this world of haters because tattooing is not easy but I would love to master it.


26 Jan 2009
How true everything in this thread is. If you go on most sites its crazy how any questions asked by anyone outside the clicky clan, starts a massive debate about so called "scratchers".
It makes me sick!
How did they learn?? The word apprenticeship didnt even exist in the 70's. They started of really ripping the skin to pieces. At least we share our ideas around the internet, on sites such as this one. They used a bent needle and a maccano set to tear people up. Never changed needles, the sterilization process was a pan of water and the ink was more or less anything you could get your hands on.

Just my little piece, but im sure we all agree. :rolleyes:

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20 Sep 2010
Well, maybe it'll be nice to show these " upidy", affraid someones going to over shadow them people that even scratchers can claw their way to the top!:eek: