Hi to a Great Site


30 Oct 2011
Hi all, well I've been interested in tattooing for a long time and sort of saw it as something sacred, in what you're creating for someone, that it's generally permanent and the responsibility of getting it right. Getting my head around to thinking that I could actually do it has taken a while and has come along with the development of my art skills and a lot of reading/watching videos etc.

I'm 41, married and have a crazy two and half year old who I look after as my career as an archaeologist hit redundancy just after she was born. Now I'm working as a freelance archaeological illustrator, but it's generally more technical than creative.

I've not tattooed anything yet, just been working on switching to watercolour from digital to put a portfolio together. Lots of sketching to learn from flash and tattoos (I've put some recent stuff in a couple of albums and would appreciate feedback).

I've spent a while buying everything I need to take the plunge and start work on fake skin as I want to see if I have an aptitude for it before looking for an apprenticeship.

Glad to have found this forum with so much great advice and open-minded people.