18 Oct 2009
so i found this site on accident and thought it was pretty cool- this is what i need, a place where i can get some answers scince im a total novice at tattooing. me and my hubby just started practicing with tattoos about a year ago, we had a few friends who were willing to let us practice on them, needless to say i wasnt happy with what came out (but they were, so i guess its all good.) tonight we played around with some pig skin. i loved it! it was awesome for me because i didnt have my nerves going around like crazy because i wasnt worried about ****ing up! it was alot of fun and helped me get the feel of how deep i was going, getting used to the guns weight and just the overall experience. matts digging right now as i type. my dream is to be able to one day just do tattoos full time. my little boy gatlin(4 going on 5) was so amazed by what i was doing, he was shining his flash light on the skin (to give me more light) hes so helpfull! any who, this is a great sight and i look forward to getting feedback on any questions i might have.
check ya lata


21 Sep 2009
Lowestoft, Suffolk
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Welcome to the site Molly

Some really good info on the site and people are only to often willing to help. The tattoo course is good as well as it opens up more stuff on site as well. Hope you enjoy your stay here and hope we can be helpful.


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