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Is Kuro Sumi good tattoo ink?



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just wanted to know if its good ink cause thats what there usein on me now.......it seems to get faded a little ......yes i take good care of it....



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I have never used the new colors Sumi put out. But by far there blacks are the best for deep dark tribal work. I believe there are much better color inks available than Sumi but I can not honestly speak from experience concerning there colors. Depending on the color you are interested in I use and recommend: Intenze, National, DMC, StarBright, and my own color pigments. I suggest avoid using Scream, MOM's, Prizm or any other cheap ink. If it is cheap it is so for a reason.

But to be honest there is no such thing as a best ink available. If there was we would all be using it. It all depends on the artist and what he/she prefers to work with.


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yes kuro sumi ink is the best ink you will probably find as long as it is the proper one and not a rip off. most tattooists use it and find the never use anything else again.


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I use MOMS and Skin Candy.
Its thick, but good stuff!

Inked, dont let Miami Ink rule your thoughts. Its all for the cameras. Some of the things they do, would have you shut down inth UK.


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in reply to the guy above ^ Kat von d uses eternal, also Chris Garver uses skin candy darks and intenze lights, you can see this in one of the traveling episodes on miami ink, and in la ink eternal is pretty much all you see in the shop (kat von d), as for kuro sumi, the original lining black is fantastic, the sumi colors range, as for the 15 colors i have tried react on my skin, and the black and red reacted on my buddy's skin also. My local tattoo studio sampled kuro sumi for a few days but they returned to eternal, however, its personal preferance.
new zealand
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hi ,
yeh its a funny ink to use its great for grey wash the outline black,its hard to use for solid black work its duznt look black when you put it in but gets darker in the skin and can be very very black a lot of guys over work the skin to try and get it black,i use it all time but am thinking of maybe keeping it just for grey wash mix, as some one said some pepoles skin duznt take to well to kuro sumi, i will go back to intenze for black work ,funny how the grey wash is fine in pepoles skin but soild black isnt on some pepole, end of the day i think its what you like and what works for you all so kuro sumi is a bitch to clean out of you tips even in my ultrasonic i have to do them a cupla times but ive done a lot of top work with kuro sumi


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I agree with the lining ink thing it's mint for greywash but looks dark blue when say doing tribal but some it looks n stays jet black just depends on the skin I'd defo say intense for solid black iv used alot of color inks and will say moms is up there for solid bright Colors and to my surprise cheap immortal is very good too like there reds and orange and White too moms scabs pretty bad because it's alot thicker the dispersed inks heal alot quicker too. Another good ink is alla prima never had a bad color but getting back to kuro sumi color there great colors top quality and you can't really go wrong with them one thing to point out us that kuro sumi is acrylic so when healed will leave a shiny appearance not that it would put me off


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I am one of the few people that react very nastly to Red Ink, and have done on every tattoo I have had. Since I found this out I have researcehed inks for many months and found a lot out about fake inks.
Most genuine sellers will display there authorised distributor certificate on there site and will forward you a copy if requested along with a data sheet of what’s included in there inks.

Original Kuro Sumi ink is ok, However please be very careful when purchasing it look for:
  • The Kuro Sumi Embossed Logo at the neck of the Kuro Sumi bottle
  • Original Kuro Sumi dries like a very shinny thin film gel. Fake Kuro Sumi Outline inks dries powdery.
  • Always ask for Certificate of Authenticity from the seller of the Kuro Sumi Inks
  • Color names like “Tomato Red’, and “Forest Green”. Other colors may simply be called Yellow or Blue, and not by their Kuro Sumi names
  • If you bottle of ink says “Kurro Summi” or any variation of “Sumi” other than Kuro Sumi, than once again, it isn’t Kuro Sumi ink.
  • Fake Kuro Sumi ink also has a dark green apperance
The other concerning matter is reactions to this Fake Ink, on some people there skins starts to reject the ink and the tattoo starts fading people will start to feel an increased itching feeling after a week, which then gets worse and the skin becomes warm to the touch indicating an infection.

Your client may get sickness and vomiting symptoms and start feeling hot. If you do have these fake inks the best thing for you to do is poor it down the sink. If you have used any of these inks on anyone and they start showing these symptoms do not give medication advice but refer them immediately to there GP.

If anyone wants to check with me certain suppliers I have a list of websites selling fake ink.

The stuff coming from China is bootleg, plain and simple. It’s not real Kuro Sumi ink.