21 Oct 2011
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Hi guys,

I have tattoos myself and am thinking of learning micropigmentation in the field of semi-permanent make-up, (lips, eyeliner and eyebrows).

I hope it is OK to post in this forum, I couldn't find any other forum to discuss this anywhere on the internet!

I don't know anything about it at the moment, I am just researching it all. The courses are expensive, and the equipment is almost as much as the course, thousands. The cheapest I have found is a course which offers the istar 3000 machine, has anyone heard of this? I have seen one for sale second hand (but only used for someone's training and never since) for just over *£300. The lady who runs the course says the equipment is *£2149, and if I was to buy my own machine she would deduct *£1100 from that, so I would still need to pay *£1049 for the following:

A selection of Mei-Cha microcolor pigments
A range of HD combo needles
Topical Anaesthesia
50 pigment pots with lids
Practice mannequin head
Practice mats

And a few little bits like theory books and disposable waste bags etc.

Does *£1049 seem a lot for these things or is that reasonable? And does anyone know if the istar 3000 is a good machine?

Thank-you for any advice :)