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Mmmmmmm Seems Quiet :(


16 Dec 2010
First Name
is it me or is it very quiet in the forums not many questions being asked (in my opinion questions need to be asked in order to learn)
i have a few questions maybe it can stem other questions :confused:

ok here goes

is anyone useing a stealth rotary machine im considering gtting 1 not sure tho ive only ever used coils ? if there is some1 did you use coils 1st before rotary ? did you fine you had to adjust your normal methods (technuices) much ?

do anyone have any advise on useing shovel mags ? im finding that for some reason its seems to be useing the outside edge of the needle grouping and dont uderstand why ??
or just any other tips you may feel you want to share with the community :cool:
thats for starters ;) please any one feel free to contribute :cool:

p.s feel free to ask me any questions ill try my best to anser allthough i am still learning myself :cry: bless :cool: