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18 Oct 2010
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Hi All

Just a few words to say how useful the information has been since joining a few weeks ago. I have bought a kit and various bits and pieces and have been burning the midnight oil practicing. I have found that pig skin from Morrisons is far better than practice skins and have had some good results. I will post some photos soon to get some feed back. I have found that if you clean with Jif (or similar) and a wire wool pad and then heat up the skin after taking it from the fridge it is much easier to tattoo and the ink flows quite well. The easiest way to heat it up is leave it soaking in hot water for a couple of minutes and then dry it off with kitchen paper. I did try heating it in the microwave, but ended up partially cooking it which ruined it, although it did smell quite nice. The advice in the manual has been really helpfull and I am hoping to attend a training course in early December, I will post details on this site after I have completed the course.


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