Nice to Meet a Friendly Community


17 Oct 2011
Hi All
My name is Lonnie and I'm just getting into tattooing. I'm 37, married, 3 kids - ordinary bloke!

I've been into art since my teens and enjoy pencil drawing, oil painting, all sorts really but particularly traditional Japanese art (as well as the history, culture etc).

Got my first tattoos at the age of 16 - bad move and bad tattoos but was bitten and decided that eventually I wanted a lot more. Finally over the last couple of years I've developed 2 full sleeves and chest plates and a nice piece for my wifey on my back (we have the same tattoo with different flowers to represent each other).

Due to my love of art and my love of tattoos I've wanted to get into doing them myself but had neither the courage nor the confidence to do it, I designed one of my sleeves myself and being the only artist my friends know, I've also designed tattoos for them which they've gone on and had done professionally and that made me want to do it even more.

I finally took the plunge and put myself a kit together - nothing brilliant but I think it'll be fine for learning with - plan is synthetics and pig skin for a long time!

I am lucky enough to have 2 professional tattoo artists as friends and they've been a great source of encouragement to me, I've looked at other sites and found them a bit scary and I'd never have joined/posted as people seemed to be so eager to shoot down beginners, but then I found this place and just wow - the difference is amazing, you all seem to be so encouraging and helpful and happy to answer questions. I have been lurking for the last few days but took the plunge today and subscribed as I really like what I see here, so much helpful information delivered in a patient and helpful way.

So that's me! I might not be the most prolific of posters but I feel safe enough to ask questions and when they arise I'll be asking :icon_wink:



15 Apr 2009
Welcome Lonnie,
I don't come on here as much as i should do, but you are right in everything you say about this place.

Its worth the premium membership, just to show a bit of appreciation for the site owners. I can imagine what crap they have to put up with.:icon_eek:


28 Sep 2011
Hey Lonnie,
You've pretty much described me in your intro, the only difference being i'm a year older, other than that we're peas in a pod!
It's a great forum, plenty of helpful people that give friendly encouragement and advice where needed. It's great and a fantastic release for me.
Where else can you show people your work on synthetic or pig skin without getting under attack for not having an apprenticeship or getting labelled a scratcher.
You sound like you've got your head screwed on right and not tattooing people until you're really happy that you're going to do a sterling job! Brilliant.
Welcome! :icon_cheesygrin:


29 Dec 2010
Welcome Lonnie,you won't get any crap on here mate,any questions just ask away mate,and don't be shy about using the chat box....always nice to have a chinwag with other members........happy learning....:icon_wink: