Nikko Hurtado on Portraits


5 Jan 2011
First Name
I just got hold of a copy of this DVD after seeing it for sale in a few places for around *£60.
What it doesn't tell you in the sales blurb is that hes using a pneumatic machine at around 35psi apparently! (i'm sure we all got one in a draw somewhere along with our cheyenne spirit) and he's using custom built mags. He's also not doing the commentary live he has recorded it afterwards with gems such as "erm i'm probably using a purple black here"

Apart from that it's really helpful, I learnt to not wipe towards my stencil and erm...........

It was nearly as good as watching mr spaulding teach me to cut an acetate stencil

As blackadder would say "like a broken pencil"

(I'm sure it's helpful to some people obviously i'm just a sarcastic noob scratcher)

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