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Not been here for a while


8 May 2009
manchester salford
Not been on for a while been doing lots of tatts for different people and including a BIG tribal on my left leg.Learnt a lot while ive been doing them,doing to colt 45s single shot guns on my mates waist on saturday.Up to now a lot of tribal thats all people want at the mo ,plus some names.Got some grey shading to do on the guns and deligate small design on the barrel ect hope every one else is still bang at it.More you do better you get true,I had some look seeing though i started on real skin me bro, dum **** but it all looks great, people pull him up ask whose done it yeeer gives you a big head but,like i said i can practice on him.started to like grey shading now tho.laters all.............nice to see some new names.

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