Opening RAR files - Help!



i cant get the course file open on my computer if you have way i could or could you send it to me? that would be fab inbox me or somit x


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How to download and install winrar.

Visit the link provided by Mick above

In the right hand of that page, click download. When the dialogue box pops up on your computer screen, asking where you want to SAVE, click the little triangle to release the drop down box. Choose desktop, or some other directory on your computer (where you know where it is, and how to get there).

Once it has downloaded, simply double click on the file and install (Keep pressing next)

After the program has installed, go to the file you have downloaded from this site, ie the course and RIGHT CLICK YOUR MOUSE.

In the menu that pops up, you will see, EXTRACT HERE. click on that and the .rar file will extract the contents (The course files and loads of free flash)!

Hopefully this helped a little bit?

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31 May 2011
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Hi guys, I cant open the file, I downloaded from the link above but when I try and open the file it just says it is not compatable with my system, I am running windows 7, any ideas?

Panic over, 32 bit worked for me, feel really dumb now lol!

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