Overseas Travel and Kit


12 Mar 2011
South West
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Hey guys,

Going home (Oz) for a few weeks at the end of the year and getting requests from family and friends to put some ink on them whilst I am out there.

Anyone travelled with kit?

Machines and disposable tubes no problem and could get by with any soap and water for wiping but wondering about transporting needles and inks.

Any advice or experience?


19 Mar 2011
Malaga Spain
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Hi Rob, i went back to U.K from Spain recently with machines in handluggage and no problem either side. No needles and ink !, although in a suitcase i think you would be ok , its handluggage they are more concerned about for security , ie, things accesible once on the plane. If i was you i would just order some needles and ink and have them sent straight to your destination. OZ Lucky You :icon_wink:

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