Premium Members Photo Gallery Maybe???

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16 Dec 2010
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hi dudes/dudettes

was just thinking:eek: maybe we could have a premium members photo gallery of the tattoos theyve done and there progression :1 why??
main reason tbh just so we keep the comments genuine, and in the best intrest to progress in this great artform, with premium members in general having the best intrest at heart (& in the same shoes)and not just anyone makeing a free account for the sole purpose to discourage other students im not saying that all free members do that :) theres still good peeps in the world ;) but,,,,, theres some not so good peeps in the world that have nothing better than to sit behind there monitor an put other people down to make themselfs feel better. its just a thought i thought i'de float around you guys and see what your opinions are good or bad ;)


The boss
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26 Jan 2009
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This could be something that could be done in the future, but at the minute, we have a genuinely good crowd on here, and me and Lucy are usually sniffing out the bad and binning it, before it even gets seen by anyone else. :rolleyes:

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