Remember Me!? Hand Tat Help Please???


5 Jan 2011
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Sorry I haven't been around (coz I know you care) but I went and got a job so I've been a bit busy. I'm still practicing when I can and now own 7 machines in total (woo hoo) If any of you remember that big load of bits I got off ebay? I managed to get 4 working half decent machines out of it all. Any i'm going off track as always.

I have done 2 x side of hand tattoos (I know I know never again) I know they fade fast but on this one person they dont even seem to take at all???
Is there any special considerations? needle depth? anything?

I used 7rls with Talens and standard 2mm depth admittedly the first time I went easy and prob not deep enough but the second time I really thought i'd done it right they looked good and solid then 2 weeks later there half gone.


16 Dec 2010
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hi lee the problem with the side of hand tattoos they need to be slightly on top of the hand were its better skin

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