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Lucy Locket

22 Mar 2009
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Please read these rules before posting in this area.
Monthly pig/fake skin competition guidelines.

All contests will run for approximately 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, entries cannot be submitted, as the voting will start for the next 7 days following.

  • Unlimited entries per month per user.
  • Entries entered in previous weeks will not be accepted.
  • Photos should be as close up as possible to see detail of your practice attempt.
  • What needles and inks used is essential in the description, along with the time spent.
  • Please clean the skin as well as possible before taking pictures.
  • All entries will be submitted before midnight on the closure date. Entries added after this time will not be counted.
  • Your entries in this area can be on fruit, pig skin or practice skin.
Whilst the monthly contest is active, please do not post in this thread unless you are adding your entry.
Once the contest is at the voting stage, you may then post as a normal discussion forum.

Once the cut off time for entries is reached, we will post a poll for the next 7 days, where you can vote for your favourite entry.

After the vote ends in 7 days, the winner will be announced.

Please use this feature, or it is not worth the effort setting it up.
Thankyou for reading. xx
Not open for further replies.