Some Practice in Progress


30 Dec 2009
n ire
First Name
shea thomas
hey, so its been a while since i have picked up a machine. have spent alot more time reading and learning alot of theory. watching dvds etc. also doe alot of painting drawing anything that can help me. thought it was time to get the machines out. been watching mike devries dvds and really love his style( nikko aswell) Realism is a style that really appeals to me. i mostly draw potraits. so i thought this is so a style i would try for tattooing. easy, not. lol. well this my first attempt. not the greatest, but let me say. fake skin is shit. i know it sounds like an excuse, but it really is hard to ork with. also this picture is a bit duller than the real life skin, so try and imagine more clear colours. lol. any way. thanks for looking. any critique and advice is always welcome. Photo0333.jpg

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