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Son's Names on Gorlfriends Hands!?

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My girlfriend has wanted to get our Sons names on her hands for ages - She was quoted *£30 each by our local shop and I didn't really want to do them as it was on her hands and I dodn't wanna fook em up and also I thought that they would hurt like a mofo and she would think it was because I didnt really know what I was doing not because it just hurt (if you get me?)

I did an a4 piggys worth of practice on them till I was feeling confident and then did Conor on her right hand. Admittedly I did try and do it a bit quicker than my own to reduce the suffering but I had to go over it again as it was very patchy / feint so it hurt half as much for twice as long (and will need touching up when healed) I didn't want to go over it any more for fear of wrecking her lovely skin.

I then did Logan on her left hand. This time I told her it would prob hurt more but would be over quicker and prob look better. She has 3 other tattoos and I reminded her that its 10 minutes of pain and a tattoo forever. This one took less than half the time I didnt have to go over it all again (although I prob will when healed) and looked a lot darker first time.

I used a 7rl for lines then carefully done little tights circles with a 7rs afterwards, I also used the Talens black ink that had just arrived (I used free kit black on my own one because impatient)
Also I had the needle protuding from the tube the width of a spiders pube on the first one and not at all on the second one and that seemed to help?

She loves them anyway (phew) and they are pretty straight I think. She now want's a shoulder tat (oh dear what have I started)

Here's some pics. Any advice or feedback would be great. I'm contemplating doing a ring on myself (I have knuckle tats I know it hurts) any tips on doing this? I have wanted one for years but shops are reluctant to do them (for a reason obviously!)

Just saw the heading! Gorlfriend! this was a typo i'm not trying to sound like i'm Bugsy Malone! Why can you edit the post but not the title?




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