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Tattoo ink and reactions (my experience)


27 May 2009
Hi guys just a message to all about tattoo ink and reactions (my experience) I have 5 tattoos over my hands being stars tribal and butterfly, love them to bits just what I always wanted. They are black outline with a red line just inside all of the tattoos, I had these done back in May at my favourite studio to near where I live. A month down the line they went all bumpy and be4 long were all swollen and itchy the red ink being the problem, they drove me nuts!!!! I used all sorts of cream but none helped so back to the studio I went. The guy who dealt with me was so professional and helpful. He had never seen such a bad reaction and was shocked at what he saw. He advised me to see my GP and see if I could get something to help my swollen itching tattoos. This I done and the result being I have a allergy to the red ink!!! Hypoallergenic delayed reaction my doctor said meaning when the ink went in took a month for the reaction to show, I now have some mild steroid cream which is helping and the swelling is slowly going down!!!
I have looked into other peoples experiences and all say different things also reactions to different colours and pigment also body parts. This has made me aware of the problem and how it affects people, so now when it comes to tattooing I share my experience to others. I know they might never have a reaction but I think it helps and gives people a knowledge on tattoo inks and pigments and what might happen and its not always a bad thing when a tattoo is raised which mostly happens in change of weather its our genetic make up and what has been put into our skin !!!
I read an article where someone blamed the artist calling them an armature, kind of niggled me as they said it was the artists doing as the needle went to deep into the skin bla bla bla I donÃÂ*¢ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢*‚¬Å¡Ã‚*¬ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢*‚¬Å¾Ã‚*¢t find this true as if this was to happen the skin would have been sliced and a scare would have appeared not some thing that would come and go once or twice a year!!
I know this might not mean much to some people but just thought I would share this with every 1 who is starting out!!!



21 Sep 2009
Salem, NJ
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scream ink

last year there was an Ink called Scream Ink , the red ink in there kits was bad to .Their being sued also and yes your right, most of the time its the artist that gets blamed .


26 Jan 2009
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Red Ink Reaction

Whenever i go say to Spain, Greece, etc, where the weather is really hot compared to good old England, the dark red ink on all my tattoos goes very lumpy and itchy.

I did get warned before i chose the colour i suppose, but hey,,, "It will never happen to me"! :tard:

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