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Tattoo machines


21 Sep 2009
Salem, NJ
First Name
I have 2 Tattoo Machines from Superior Tattoo here in the states ones a raven with a sinthetic frame the other is the gold slinger with an iron frame. I did a nice tribal on my oldest boy with the Raven it over heated while filling in an i was set up by what there book said . ive had no probs with the iron frame G S .when the Raven over heated it shut down on me thought i burnt it up but 10 mins of cooling down time i went right back to work .I use it as my shader because its light weight an feals good for the long haul work in shading strange thind is I haven't had any problems with it since . I run it at 6.5 volts an it purrs like a kitten .
my Gold slinger is a tough old bird ite my liner but like i have said on my other post i was setting them up the wrong way i had my liner set at 9 an my shader set at 7 7.5 its oppiset what you all have said here i can't wait to get the book .so i reset my voltage now liner low shaer high .I use to get all my supplys from them but now im switching to Worldwide tattoo Supply for what i need there needles are in expensive desposablle tips are cheep heck once you join them oyu get free membership which gives you 25 % off all items an allows you to get the sale items and i beleave they ship to the uk but im sure you have a place like that over there . thanks for listening Ed

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