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19 Jan 2011
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Hi all

i know when i started tattooing i got a few machines in the kit and found it hard as hell to get them tuned and to stay that way later i found this site and found that on most occasions similar machines coming on to web sites in the usa and uk for a larger mark up.

May just be me but i like a solid machine that's got a bit of weight well for myself mostly like the cast iron machines but due to prices we cant always get what we want this is a supplier from China who i use normally got to wait 2 weeks but they get items to me and i haven't had any complaints after using them for over the past year and getting a few others to use them as well

see what you think your self rotary and coil machines

haven't got one as yet but if you go through all the pages there's the new Damascus steel machines in coil fashion


11 Jan 2011
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i've got a couple of second hand glyn flew machines off ebay, cost me *£100 for the pair (liner and shader) and i love them, so much i bought a brand new one also, cant recommend them enough

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