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18 Oct 2010
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Hi Everyone

I have recently atteded a 3 day intensive tattoo course in Liverpool. The cousre is run by Killer INk and L1 Ink. Killer Ink are a tattoo supplies company and L1 Ink are a modern tattoo studio near the city centre and this is where the course is held. The course starts at 10.00 and finishes at 20.00 each day so it's quite full on and there is also homework to be completed in the evening. The course covers everything you need to know to start tattooing with an emphesis on health & safety, higene and strelisation. The couse costs *£690.00 for the 3 days and includes a tattoo kit in a case and all the other things you need. If you already have kit you receive vouchers for the difference.
I was fortunate enough to be taught by Danny Wood a professional experienced tattoo artist who is a director of L1 Ink. Danny and everyone else at L1 Ink made me feel very welcome and I felt really comfortable despite me being a southerner 200 miles from home. The course starts by learning how to strip, rebuild and tune your machines until you are proficient. There is also a question paper on this subject and a few others throughout the course. You are then taught how to set up your workspace and equipment following the correct proceedures. Because customers come into the studio throughout the course, you can observe the entire process from setting up your workspace and machines to the tattoo itself through to advising the customer about tattoo aftercare. All of this info is covered in the LHTT training manual, but it's good to see it for real. Pigskins are provided to practice on, and you are taught how to correctly prepare the skin and apply stencils. Then you practice lining, colouring and shading, and after a couple of days practice with somebody like Danny there to help you, you will be surprised how quickly you progress.
Throughout the course you are able to ask qusetions and get advice about anything you want to know as well as demonstrations. Assuming you pass the tests throughout the course, (which are all covered in detail in the LHTT manual on this website) you will be awarded a certificate. The certificate certifies that you have been trained to comply with part 1 of the course and this includes first aid, Sterilisation etc. I have since been in touch with my local authority (North Somerset Council)and they have confirmed that the certificate is acceptable as proof of competance for registration of a tattoo studio. Since completing the course I have tattooed real skin and the results appear quite good, although you can be the judge of that when I upload them. I can strongly recommend these guys as they understand how it is when you are trying to get ino the tattoo industry. There isn't anywhere in my area who caters for beginners, so I was really pleased to have found them. I am planning to attend part 2 of the course which is more advanced and there is more time spent on practical tattooing as the health & safety etc is covered in part 1. You can check out details on the Killer Ink website if you want to.
I have rambled on a bit, but if you want any more info I will be pleased to help if I can.




23 Jun 2011
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gary shaw
ther is a training course in liverpool 1 day but i know a few that have been on
it. and i have been told its very good. will get some in info on it and piercing

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