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21 Oct 2010
burton on trent
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IMG_0291.jpg IMG_0288.jpg i had a phone call a few hours ago asking me if i could do two piercings but can they have them done tonight, i don't normally say yes to people who just phone up and want them strait away for the simple fact, it could be classed as walk in's and part of the deal with my home studio is, i'm appointment only, to be honest it does me a favour, theirs enough work out their without people just turning up, the reason i said yes was because it was a good opportunity to show you, the members, how much you can earn extra, with quite a small initial outlay, O and the £30 came in handy to, the belly rings are really nice looking and made out of titanium, they cost around £12 for 10, either all different colours or all the same, no difference in price, the barbell is also made from titanium and they are just over £7 for 10, the cannula needles i use work out at around 30p each, so that was 60p in needles and the barbell is less than a pound each but the belly ring is just over a pound each so we can round them off at £1 each, total £2.60 and you can charge £15 per piercing all day every day and get plenty of work so £30 less £2.60 = £27.40 for about half an hours work, if i dare to call it work and that was with chatting for a while, it's certainly worth thinking about.